Selected Projects

GE Power Systems Wireless Salesforce Automation European
Worked with senior management within GE Power Systems to assess the impact of wireless enablement of their remote sales organization. Under my management, we developed a pilot program to incorporate the efficiencies to be gained through the use of wireless tools within the guidelines of GE's Six Sigma Program.

Vodafone Multimedia Wireless Stock Trading System London, UK & NYC, NY
Developed a stock trading system for Vodafone to offer to its financial services clients as a "plug-in" to their existing trading platforms. The system incorporates voice, web, SMS & WAP services.

American Express Integrated Wireless Strategy USA & European
Developed a worldwide strategy for extending the American Express brand and capabilities into the wireless space. In particular, "how can American Express recover the lost market share through the use of wireless technologies". We also developed and piloted wireless services in two markets, proving the impact wireless technologies have on customer acquisition and retention.

  OnlyOne Customer Interface & Product Design Cleveland, OH, USA
Product development and usability consultant for a new venture focused on providing "Unified Messaging" solutions to enterprises. The consulting is focusing on assisting the company in developing a multi-channel product meeting all the communications needs of busy executives and enterprises, including IVR; web-integration for e-mail, voice-mail & faxing; conference calling capabilities from the phone and web; and other unique communications tools.

  Shazam Entertainment New product design & Prototype development London, UK
Designed the user interface and platform for the company's patented music recognition technology. The platform integrates with the all mobile telecoms providers and includes an IVR based user interface via the mobile handset and web-based account management tools for the customers. The service is currently offered in 16 countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Japan and many more.

WEB CSFB Futures Web Trading System London, UK & NYC, NY
Built a online trading system for the company's high net worth clients. The company was interested in cutting the "cost-to-serve" on these clients as well as giving them tools they had been requesting. The platform had to replace manual processes traders were performing, requiring an extensive change management piece of work.

InvoiceRightNow Web-based Invoicing and Inventory Management System Boston, MA, USA
Built an online system to manage inventory, invoicing, purchasing, sales and commissions for wholesalers. The client spotted a need within the wholesale community for a cost effective platform to manage the business. We, therefore, built a platform to provide an ASP outsourced service to the wholesalers for a minumum monthly cost.

Play And Learning Retail web-site and inventory management system Waterford, VT, USA
Built an retail website for an on-line retailer of quality educational toys. The system is capable of managing thousands of products. Features include inventory management, categorization, discounting, affiliate program management, gift certificate sales, and many more. The system is also integrated with the on-line credit card processing platform, on-line shipping platforms (e.g. UPS, FedEx and USPS) and PayPal platform.

Julianna Rae Retail website, back-office systems and marketing program Boston, MA, USA
In additional to building the on-line web sales channel for a retailer of luxury women's apparel, other areas of development include: back-office order entry system, back-office inventory management system, on-line marketing and promotion program to drive over 50,000 unique visitors a month to the website.

INTEGRATION Vodafone Corporate Cross-channel Supplychain Integration London, UK
Developed a multi-channel platform for Vodafone to offer their clients with large field-service organizations. The platform allowed the remote service person access to critical information (i.e. part availability, scheduling, parts lists, etc.) independent of location or available access device (i.e. mobile phone, PDA, computer, etc.). The platform incorporates voice, SMS, WAP and web.

Securicor Integrated Remote Security Solution London, UK
Securicor needed to find a cost effective solution to rapidly installing security solutions on remote sites where infrastructure and personnel are not readily available. We developed the "Guard in a box" solution that allows Securicor to deploy security solutions with wirelessly connected equipment and wireless enabled remote monitoring.

PROCUREMENT UK Government Enablement of Contracting & Procurement Sheffield, UK
A department of the UK Government required a redevelopment of their procurement and contracting process. This included the supporting systems to enable the new processes, and change management within a organization of tens of thousands and a budget of over several billion pounds sterling. My role was to develop the "road map" for the supporting systems to get them from current state to future requirements.

BUSINESS DEV. Abercrombie & Kent New product design & business plan development New York City, NY, USA
Assisted in the development of a new Ultra-luxury vacation club product to enhance the company's current vacation club offerings. Activities included: primary research (current member surveys and focused interviews of prospective new members), competitive analysis, financial modeling, business plan construction and investor presentation development.

  BlindingInsight, Inc. New service offering development & fund-raising London, UK & Boston, MA
Developed a new service concept for retailers to increase in-store customer service levels and average sale size per customer. Co-founded and developed the technology platform and prototype for implementation within a retail store. Successfully raised investment capital to fund the initial development and testing of the service offering. Project is on-going.

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